Iran + Cyber

Want to know more about Iran + Cyber? Check out our work on the subject below. Context and history are important – especially when world events are moving quickly.

Iran Reports and Congressional Testimony

Evolving Menace: Iran's Use of Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare

Foundation for Defense of Democracies Report | November 2018

A Borderless Battle: Defending Against Cyber Threats

Congressional Testimony | March 2017

Emerging Cyber Threats to the United States

Congressional Testimony | February 2016

A Global Perspective on Cyber Threats

Congressional Testimony | June 2015

The Iranian Cyber Threat to the United States

Congressional Testimony | April 2012

Iran-Related Work

Getting Ready to Fight the Next (Cyber) War

Op-Ed in U.S. News and World Report | February 2019

Trends in Technology and Digital Security

CCHS Report | November 2017

Into the Gray Zone

CCHS Report | October 2016

A Blueprint for Cyber Deterrence: Building Stability through Strength

Article in Military and Strategic Affairs | December 2012

Baghdad Surprise?

CCHS Commentary | August 2012

Getting Serious About Cyberwarfare

Article in The Journal of International Security Affairs | January 2012