Timothy Newberry

Timothy W. Newberry is a former US Naval Submarine Officer and the Founder of BlackHorse Solutions, Inc., a provider of national security technology solutions. After serving in the Navy for 8 years throughout the Pacific, Middle East and Washington DC areas, he has started and co-founded several successful cutting-edge technology companies. With each company, while different, Tim has continued to focus on providing advantages in the dynamic information environment for sensitive customers, delivering measurable results against global malign networks. With specialties and formal education ranging from nuclear power to cyber and information operations, computer science, and adversarial use of the internet, Tim has built teams to deliver solutions for partners and customers around the world. He has provided countless hours of subject matter expertise and creative design support to US Army Special Operations Command, related Defense and Intelligence Community organizations and Capital Hill. Tim has also been a speaker at venues such as the Global Information Operations conference in London, the World-Wide Information Operations conference in Washington DC, Cyber Operations with the NATO Cyber Center of Excellence in Riga, Latvia and Defcon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He is a 2000 graduate from the United States Naval Academy where he earned a B.S. in Computer Science. He has an M.S. in Engineering Management from Catholic University of America, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of New Haven, focusing on the intersection of new age digital challenges and criminal justice. He has served as an Advisor to the George Mason University School of Education and as an Adjunct Professor for the University of North Carolina Fayetteville State for Cyber Security.