Emily Frye

Ms. Emily Frye is Director for Cyber Integration for the civilian enterprise at The MITRE Corporation. The Cyber Integration group identifies cyber needs and demands across the civilian sponsor arena and serves as the connective tissue between MITRE offerings and sponsor priorities. This organization is also responsible for driving corporate efforts to press forward in developing leading-edge solutions to address emerging cybersecurity challenges that our sponsors face.

Ms. Frye also serves as CoDirector of ElectionIntegrity@MITRE, best known for pioneering the nationwide SQUINT program for misinformation.

Ms. Frye previously served as the Director of National Protection and Resilience within the HSSEDI FFRDC. Ms. Frye has practiced law, moved a startup through three rounds of venture funding, served as the Director of Research for a think tank, and consulted extensively across technical and policy issues in both the public and private sectors. Her particular expertise brings together technical, legal, and business perspectives to inform homeland security risk and resilience management, cybersecurity policy and critical infrastructure protection. With twenty years of experience in creating novel solutions to the problems associated with emerging technology and security risk, she is seasoned in guiding divergent communities toward uniquely effective solutions. Her relationships with stakeholders across industry and government bring cross-sectoral depth to the design and execution of programs, exercises, analyses, and related events.

Since joining MITRE, she has helped define and explore options for the future of comprehensive nationwide cybersecurity approaches across both public and private sectors, bridge the divide between federal and state government on cybersecurity initiatives, and strengthen public-private partnerships in support of Critical Infrastructure security and resilience. Her work has focused on the financial services, information technology, electricity, and telecommunications sectors. She has served on both the Long-Range Planning Committee for the Section of Science and Technology of the American Bar Association, and as advisor to the Diversity Committee of the American Bar Association. Ms. Frye is an accomplished speaker and moderator, and is published on issues relating to critical infrastructure, national resilience, digital technology, national security, privacy, economic impacts of cybersecurity, and the role of insurance in Critical Infrastructure Protection.