Daniel Collier

DJ Collier is a senior intelligence professional with over 24 years’ experience serving in multiple areas of responsibility spanning the globe. He currently serves as the Chief of Intelligence Operations at Air University at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL and is the former Senior Intelligence Advisor at the Military Advisor Training Academy at Fort Benning, GA. As a Defense Intelligence Agency Officer Mr. Collier culminated two decades of Middle East and counterterrorism expertise, working from the tactical to most strategic national security priorities. His outstanding written and verbal communication skills made him instrumental in informing senior most Defense Department officials on emerging issues from Baghdad to Amman and CONUS. Whether representing the United States to foreign partners and allies or providing advice on force protection to the US Embassies, Mr. Collier’s timely and accurate assessments saved lives, mitigated military surprises, and denied enemies like ISIL invaluable resources.

Mr. Collier has led lead teams accountable for global results countering threat finance, cyber, and media operations from the Arabian Peninsula to Iraq and domestically. Moreover, Mr. Collier’s cutting edge analysis on ISIL forecasted imminent and emerging threats while concurrently identifying critical vulnerabilities. Through the provision of kinetic and non-kinetic targets, Mr. Collier relentlessly pursues solutions to top national security terrorism issues. He is a seasoned intelligence officer, combat advisor, and is a Ph.D. candidate at Auburn University.