Larry Fillmer

Larry Fillmer graduated from Auburn in 1969 and spent more than 30 years in the private sector before returning to Auburn in 2005. He currently serves as the executive director of the Auburn University Research - Office of External Engagement and Support. In 2015, he was also named executive director of the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation. Fillmer serves as the liaison for internal and external stakeholders vested in the university’s strategic research and economic development initiatives. Interfacing with various state, federal and commercial offices, he leads collaboration efforts for a broad range of public and private sector entities seeking economic and business relationships through university research.

Previously, Fillmer held numerous senior executive positions throughout his two decade career with Amdahl and Fujitsu Corporations. He was responsible for the transformation of Amdahl from a fully integrated provider of mainframe computers and services to the establishment of Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc., an open systems technology company offering Fujitsu UNIX servers, managed services and project services.

Fillmer joined Amdahl Corporation in 1985 as director of business and strategic planning for the communications systems division. From senior vice president of the division, he was tapped as president and CEO of the Antares Alliance Group, a software joint venture between Amdahl and EDS. In 2000 he was named as Amdahl’s vice president for services operations where he was responsible for customer support and multi-vendor managed services worldwide. He was named president and CEO of Amdahl IT Services and Fujitsu Technology Solutions in 2001 before retiring from the company in 2004.

Early in his career, Fillmer worked for AT&T and South Central Bell during the divestiture of the Regional Bell Operating Companies from AT&T.

He served seven years in the U.S. Air Force, receiving a regular commission and attaining the rank of captain. Fillmer holds a master’s degree in industrial management from the University of Alabama. He currently serves on board for the East Alabama Medical Center.