The McCrary Institute

for Cyber and Critical Infrastructure Security

Work With Us

The McCrary Institute and its affiliates centers, faculty, staff and students collaborate on a variety of contracts, grants, and projects.  


Our Students

McCrary Institute affiliated undergraduates and graduate students participate in meaningful research projects, with growing leadership roles during their years at Auburn.  The institute is committed to promoting the development of each student including state-of-the-art subject matter knowledge, written and spoken communication skills, teamwork and ethics.  

Students who engage in and contribute to institute projects will be especially well prepared to undertake career employment in the public and private sectors in the institute’s areas of emphasis, once they graduate from Auburn.  They will also be highly motivated, excellent candidates for industrial, government laboratory, and agency summer internships and part time work.  Many of our undergraduates have a strong interest in co-op positions during their undergraduate studies as well.

Often the best way to get to know and identify students for future employment is to get involved in supporting institute research and development programs including supporting work at the institute and Auburn at large with contract and subcontract work.  In funded R&D efforts, professors, staff and students work together with industrial and government collaborators on R&D programs tailored to the institute’s areas of competency and the customer’s needs.  Auburn professors are highly engaged in practical and applied R&D that addresses strategic, time-to-market and technology roadmap advancement of organizations with which the institute partners.

Some organizations and individuals engage the McCrary Institute and Auburn at-large through philanthropic support to students in particular subject areas, including those addressed by the McCrary Institute mission.  Auburn provides a number of ways to engage with and support students including funds for specific projects and programs, scholarships and in-kind gifts.


Our Research

The institute’s mission involves addressing technology R&D in its areas of emphasis.  Our faculty (together with students and staff) emphasize advancing knowledge through ongoing, active research and development efforts, much of which is supported through government and industrial contracts and grants.  A number of vehicles for engaging with institute faculty are routinely successful in advancing our customer’s goals while also providing the potential follow-on technology transition and workforce enhancement in the partnering organization.

Subcontracts - The institute works on government and commercial subcontracts to enable customers with whom we partner to engage in larger-scale team efforts.

Direct Contract Work - We routinely engage with small, medium and large enterprises on direct contract work that addresses technologies goals, leaps and roadmaps of our customers.  

Grants - Institute faculty members are avid grant writers, and respond on a regular basis to government RFPs, and other contracting opportunities.  Our faculty, staff, and students receive support from a variety of federal and state agencies.

Faculty Acceleration Awards (Philanthropic) - The institute invites participation from individuals who are interested in supporting specific faculty and student R&D efforts through philanthropic grants that help address specific R&D goals of mutual interest to our donors and the institute.   These comprise direct help to students, restricted dollars to enable a specific project and in-kind equipment support where appropriate.


Our Technology

Auburn University, and the McCrary Institute in particular, focuses on the transition of pre-competitive technologies, methodologies, and know-how to the commercial sector.  Through technology licensing, we provide the potential for non-exclusive and exclusive field-of-use application of copyrighted and patented inventions created by our faculty, students and staff.  Such inventions can help address technology gaps identified by licensees, and often contribute to the establishment of startup companies.  

And, the best way to transition technology is to engage the inventors in after-license activities including follow-on R&D, and hiring our excellent graduates to join the licensee’s enterprise.


Our Commitment

The McCrary Institute is committed to high quality engagements with its external partners leading to long-term mutual benefit that advances the institute’s mission, addresses the needs of our partners and yields effective, successful and ethical outcomes to the involved parties, our state, region and nation.

For more information about engaging with the McCrary Institute on R&D, available and potential institute technologies, technology transitioning and licensing, please contact  or 334.844.2304